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If you have an outdated computer or two in your basement, you’re not alone. With a constant supply of newer, faster electronic products on the market, Americans continually replace older models. As a result, electronics have become one of the fastest growing waste streams. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that more than 2 million tons of computers and other electronics are disposed each year. Currently, only about 20 percent of these materials are recycled.

Did you know that all businesses, non-profits, schools and public agencies in Missouri are required by law to properly manage certain discarded electronics? Some electronics may be classified as hazardous waste. Computer monitors, televisions, circuit boards and other electronics contain heavy metals so they cannot legally be disposed in the trash. Reuse or recycling through us will help ensure that your facility complies with the law.

Why Recycle?

The Lifecycle of a Computer

The National Safety Council estimates that nearly 63 million computers became obsolete in 2005. The average life span of a computer has fallen from 4.5 years in 1992 to an estimated two years in 2005. An estimated 10.2 million used computers are exported from the U.S. each year. Most end up in countries that have less stringent environmental laws than in the U.S.

2009 Digital Television Transition

After June 12, 2009, most television stations will switch from analog to digital broadcasting. Television viewers that use a television with a digital tuner or subscribe to a pay television service such as cable or satellite will not be affected by the transition. Analog televisions receiving free broadcasts through rabbit ears or a roof antenna will not work after June 12.




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